Early Present

We received the package my sister sent us yesterday, it’s a big box though she always told me in YM that it is a small box, for a student in a foreign land who doesn’t work yet, we are so proud to say that she is one hell of a thoughtful girl saving up for a big box for all of us… even the maids got pasalubong… Guess what she gave me for my birthday aside from all the knick knacks she gave me?

My Pawie has a new buddy, meet Mickey… my new apple wireless mouse!!!

“Soy, thanks so much! You didn’t have to.”

She even told me it was bought ages ago, even before I had my powerbook and she bought me first though she has a Macbook herself, she thought I need it more than she does with all my scrapping and blogging stuff. How sweet is my sister right? I will take care of this and treasure this, not because it’s an Apple but because it’s from her. Thanks again Soy!

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