My Home Style

Actually, I want a house. I dream of having one. Not too big, but with rooms that I can use. My ideal is with a garden, 2 car garage, a nice cozy kitchen, 1 master bedroom with bath, 2 rooms for the kids that has a bathroom in the center so the 2 kids can have access and can share the bathroom, 1 office area/family room maybe in the basement (and I always want a red wall in my family room slash home office) and 1 guest room but then again life is tough in our country and right now? All I can do is wish that we win the lottery to make our dream house come true.

Basically my style is seen here… Shabby and Chic style but not too lacey. Sometimes Rachel loves lace so much but that’s the only style from the shabby chic that I’m not so much fond of, a little is enough but not too much since I live with boys. I love her show, I’m not quite sure if they still have it in the Lifestyle channel but I used to watched that religiously when we still have Sky Cable before. Anyway here are more of my inspirations from another creative person, Jennifer Woodbury‘s house.

Nice nook in the family room or in the master’s bedroom :)

something like these frames in the family room and the kids’ rooms… I will have my pics framed like this for our recent bedroom at home.

I love this kind of storage. Would be nice in the family room/home office and the master’s bedrooms… I adore those baskets.

And of course I have to mention Ali Edwards, I love her home craft area… basically she’s one talented individual and if it’s about her home or other things that’s interesting, I go to her blog.

I will definitely have this style someday. I need to think positive. Attract great vibes! Kong Hei Fat Choi! :P

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